Taylor Abad

Lab Coordinator

2219 BSIF
Coordinates the Introductory Biology Program laboratory courses.

Caroline Ackley

Graduate Student
Rothman Lab

2166 Biology II
Genetics of neurodevelopment and behavior in the nematode C. elegans.

Diego Acosta-Alvear

Assistant Professor

2115 Life Sciences
Molecular mechanisms by which cellular stress response networks reinstate homeostasis or promote cell death.

Juliana Acosta-Uribe

Project Scientist
Kosik Lab

I study genomics of neurodegenerative diseases in admixed populations.

Liam Adsit

Graduate Student
Ikuko Smith Lab

David Aguilar

Graduate Student
Ronald Keiflin Lab - PBS (Rotating)

Valeria Aizen

Graduate Student
Denise Montell Lab

Joseph Alzagatiti

Graduate Student
David Glanzman Lab (UCLA)

Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Circuits, and Therapeutics.

Naomi Baxter

Graduate Student
Max Wilson Lab

Kurt Bellefeuille

Senior Storekeeper

1101 Building 569
Manages the receiving of all supplies and equipment for MCDB and EEMB.

Annalise Bond

Graduate Student
Meghan Morrissey Lab

Interested in the biology of glial cells

Kevin Brackett

Graduate Student
Carolina Arias Lab

Carolina Camargo

Graduate Student
Kosik Lab

3173 Biology II
Investigating the cellular and molecular mechanisms of lysosomal storage disorders using induced pluripotent stem cell models.

Otger Campas

Affiliated Faculty

John Carbon

Professor Emeritus

3123 Biology II

Pedro Castellon

Undergraduate Advisor

3320 Life Sciences Building
Serves as Undergraduate Advisor, working with students and faculty in areas of undergraduate education.

Nicole Chan

Graduate Student Researcher
Hayes Lab

LSB 3211
Working on the mechanism of contact dependent inhibition (CDI).

Soham Chowdhury

Graduate Student
Gardner Lab

Rolf Christoffersen

Teaching Professor

3125 Biology II
Biochemistry and molecular genetics of plant and yeast secondary metabolism; research on improving undergraduate science education with a particular emphasis on improving outcomes for students from groups that are underrepresented in STEM.

Janeva Chung

Graduate Student
William Smith Lab

2203 Life Sciences
Understanding molecular mechanisms behind anastasis using mammalian cells.

Louise Clarke

Professor Emeritus

3101 Biology II

Dennis Clegg

Professor, Wilcox Family Chair in BioMedicine

5125 Biology II
Human stem cell research; Molecular mechanisms of stem cell differentiation; Derivation of ocular cells from stem cells; Soft tissue regeneration.

Peter Coffey

Research Biologist

Michael Costello

Graduate Student
Acosta-Alvear Lab

2106 Marine Biotech

James Cronshaw

Professor Emeritus

Frederick Dahlquist

Department Chair
Distinguished Professor

1126C Chem
Biochemistry; protein structure and function relationships; protein dynamics; chemotaxis in bacteria.

Diego De Alba

Graduate Student
Simpson Lab

Anthony De Tomaso


1107 Life Sciences
Molecular mechanisms of self/non-self recognition in non-vertebrates; characterization of stem cells and development processes underlying regeneration and aging.

Katharine Dickson

Graduate Student Researcher
O'Malley Lab

Control and maintenance of syntrophic relationships between microbes in lignocellulose-degrading anaerobic consortia

Catherine Drake

Academic Coordinator

1118 BSIF
Assists the MCDB and EEMB departments with running Intro Bio lecture and laboratory courses.

Diane Eardley

Professor Emeritus

2320 Life Sciences Building

Stuart Feinstein


5123A Biology II
Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Neuronal Development; Biochemistry of Neurodegenerative Diseases; Structure, Function and Regulation of the Microtubule Associated Protein, Tau; Cytoskeletal Regulation.

Samantha Fiallo

Graduate Student Researcher
Joel Rothman Lab

I am training to study epigenetic regulation, embryonic development, and genetics of behavior in nematode C. elegans.

Ruth Finkelstein

Faculty Graduate Advisor

2127 Biology II
Molecular genetics of plant development; analysis of abscisic acid signaling networks.

Steven Fisher

Research Professor
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

6121 Biology II
Structure and function in the vertebrate retina with an emphasis on mechanisms underlying photoreceptor degeneration and the role of glial cells in normal and injured or diseased retina.

Kathleen Foltz

Professor Emeriti

3156 Marine Biotechnology
Our research mission is to understand the molecular basis of gamete recognition and the fine tuning of one time only cellular activation events.

Allison Gabbert

Graduate Student
D Montell Lab

I study the role of septins in collective border cell migration in the Drosophila ovary.

Anthony Galaviz

Graduate Program Advisor

3314 Life Sciences
Manages the graduate program and oversees fellowships, TAships, readers, and ensures students are on the right path for graduation.

Manuel Garcia

Campus Vet - Affiliated Faculty

Brooke Gardner

Assistant Professor

1117 Life Sciences
Combining biochemistry and cell biology to understand the regulation of membrane-bound organelles.

Hannah Ghasemi

Graduate Student
Richardson Lab

Michael Goard

Assistant Professor

5131 Biology II
The overarching goal of my research is to better understand how the mammalian neocortex processes and stores incoming sensory information.

Carlos Gomez

Graduate Student
Campas / Tau-Mu Ti Labs

Eduardo Gonzalez

Assistant Teaching Professor

2320 Life Sciences
Discipline Based Educational Research. Effect of pedagogical strategies and course structures on student success. Mentoring and learning communities as responses to education disparities.

Reid Gordon

Graduate Student
Morse Lab

Benjamin Gorko

Graduate Student
Sung Soo Kim Lab

Li Guo

Graduate Student
Simpson Lab

My interests is to study how the nervous system control the sequence of a behavior.

Sayward Halling

Academic Coordinator

2219A Biological Sciences Instructional Facility
Works cross-departmentally with MCDB and EEMB to oversee the administration of lecture and laboratory Intro Bio courses.

Christopher S. Hayes


3105 Life Sciences
Molecular genetics and biochemistry of bacterial contact-dependent growth inhibition (CDI) systems; mechanisms of tmRNA- and ArfA-mediated ribosome rescue.

Christine Herman

Director of Finance

3302 Life Sciences
Manages the budget and finance operation including start ups, endowments, gifts and donations.

Nickolas Holznecht

Graduate Student
Thomas Weimbs Lab

Erik Hopkins

Graduate Student
Wilson Lab

Nicole Jacobsen

Graduate Student
Brooke Gardner Lab

Studying peroxisome formation and function using biochemistry and molecular biology.

Steven Jensen

Graduate Student
Hayes Lab

Benjamin Jin

Graduate Student
Debra Iglesias-Rodriguez Lab (EEMB)

Christine Joyce

Graduate Student
Richardson Lab

Investigating the molecular mechanisms of DNA repair in human cells using genetic, biochemical, and systems biology approaches.

Erica Keane

Graduate Student Researcher
Ken Kosik Lab

Sung Soo Kim

Assistant Professor

2141 Biology II
Neural circuit dynamics and behavior; navigation in a visual environment; neural mechanisms of object selection and decision-making.

Tod E. Kippin

Assistant Professor

David Kohl

Professor Emeritus

3326 Life Sciences Building

Kenneth S. Kosik

Harriman Professor of Neuroscience

6139A Biology II
Neural plasticity including the molecular basis of plasticity, the evolution of synapses, and disease-related impairments of plasticity such as occurs in Alzheimer's disease.

Andrew Kröes

Undergraduate Academic Advisor

3316 Life Sciences
Manages the undergraduate program and oversees student petitions, inquiries, and is the special programs counselor.

Bridget Kulesh

Graduate Student
Reese Lab

5153 Biology II
Determining the molecular mechanisms of retinal development.

Ryan Lach

Graduate Student
Max Wilson Lab

3171 Biological Sciences II
Ryan is interested in the biophysical mechanics that govern Wnt pathway signal transduction as well as how these signaling components contribute to cell fate, growth and proliferation decisions in development and adulthood.

Carla Ladd

Graduate Student
Simpson Lab

Investigation of the neuroscience and genetics behind decision making in Drosophila melanogaster.

Jennifer Lai

PhD Student
Kim Lab

A 2nd year PhD student in Kim Lab.

Philip Laris

Professor Emeritus

Nancy Lee

Professor Emeritus

Winnie Leung

Contracts & Grants Manager

3304 Life Sciences
Manages contract and grant awards.

John Lew

Associate Professor

1109 Life Sciences
Molecular mechanisms of signal transduction; Alzheimer's Disease and other protein aggregation/misfolding diseases; molecular biology, enzymology, and protein structure/function.

Menglin Li

Graduate Student
C Montell Lab

4130S Biology II
I'm working on circadian rhythm and sleep behavior in Drosophila. Also I'm studying the unconventional roles for rhodopsins in Drosophila.

Matthieu Louis

Associate Professor

3141 Biology II
Combining theory and experimentation to understand how navigational decisions come about in terms of neural-circuit computation.

Seng Hui Low

Continuing Lecturer

2111 Life Sciences Building

David Low

Distinguished Professor

3306 Life Sciences
Cellular communication between bacteria, including mechanisms and biology of contact-dependent growth inhibition; epigenetic gene regulatory mechanisms.

Tucker Lowell

Administrative Assistant

Duties - Seminar Program Coordinator, Concur management, ESCIs, Communications, Transportation, Travel and Entertainment.

Carman Ly

Lab Coordinator

2219 BSIF
Coordinates the Introductory Biology Program laboratory courses.

Dzwokai Zach Ma

Associate Professor

3119 Life Sciences
Virus-host interaction.

Ada Madejska

Graduate Student
Boris Shraiman and Ken Kosik Lab

Michael Mahan


2129 Biology II
Microbial pathogenesis; innate and adaptive immune responses to infection; microbial sepsis; vaccine and antimicrobial development.

Amanda Maheras

Graduate Student
Ronald Keiflin Lab (PSB)

Yishen Miao

Graduate Student
William Smith Lab

2173 Biology II
How can we use computers to investigate biology?

Craig Montell

Duggan Professor and
Distinguished Professor

4130-F Biology II
Molecular and cellular basis of animal behavior in flies and mosquitoes.

Denise J. Montell

Duggan Professor and Distinguished Professor

4130-I Biology II
Combination of molecular, genetic, and state-of-the-art imaging approaches to define and solve fundamental questions in cell and developmental biology with implications for neurodegenerative disease, ischemic diseases and cancer.

Daniel E. Morse

Research Professor
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

3155 Marine Biotechnology
Bio-inspired catalytic nanofabrication, tunable photonic materials and dynamic self-assembly. Applications to semiconductors, high-power batteries, electro-optics, IR and solar energy.

Morgan Mutch

Graduate Student
Denise Montell Lab

Interested in the regulation of cell death in the nervous system, specifically in neurodegenerative diseases.

Guillermo Najarro

Graduate Student
Arias Lab

Currently, I am investigating the dynamics of the Unfolded Protein Response in cells infected by Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus.

Linda Narhi

Adjunct Faculty

Alice Nguyen

Academic Coordinator for Intro Bio

4326 Life Sciences
Oversees the Introductory Biology Program, including both lecture and lab courses. Co-director of the Ocean Global Change Biology REU program.

Dinh Quan Nhan

Graduate Student
Hayes Lab

Focus on cytotoxic ribonucleases encoded by Contact-dependent Inhibition (CDI) system.

Henry Nikada

Professor Emeritus

Amber Noelle

Management Services Officer

3322 Life Sciences
Oversees department operations: Academic Personnel, Human Resources, Budget & Finance, Facilities, EH&S, Research Awards, Procurement, Student Affairs.

Eduardo Orias

Research Professor
Professor Emeritus

1123 Biology II
Tetrahymena genetics and genomics; genetic, physical and sequence mapping of the germline and expressed genomes of the unicellular eukaryote, Tetrahymena thermophila.

Nikola Pavlov

Personnel Manager

3310 Life Sciences
Manages all non-academic staff payroll and hiring, graduate student researcher and postdoc payroll, timekeeping, benefits, and HR related issues.

Surenna Pecchia

Graduate Student
Wilson Lab

Interested in optogentic protein design principles.

Hannah Pellegrini

Graduate Student
Weimbs Lab

Research in the Weimbs lab on underlying molecular mechanisms in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD).

Oscar Perez

Lab Manager

1118 Biological Sciences Instructional Facility
Manages the Introductory Biology Program laboratory courses.

Dylan Peterson

Upper Division Academic Coordinator

2130 Biology II
Prepares laboratory classes, supervises MCDB common use Bio 2 facilities.

Robert Piscopio

Graduate Student
Dey Lab | Wilson Lab

BioE 2209
Interested in how cells interact with their environment, mechanisms of cellular communication, and also how cells process and relay information in the context of both disease and development.

Stephen Poole

Professor Emeritus

3111 Life Sciences
Collaboration with the Low and Hayes labs on contact-dependent growth inhibition systems in bacteria.

Duncan Proctor

Graduate Student
Arias Lab

Benjamin Reese

Professor, Psychology

Chris Richardson

Assistant Professor

1115 Life Sciences
We investigate DNA repair mechanisms and use this knowledge to improve gene editing.

Melanie Rodriguez

Graduate Student
Denise Montell Lab

Henry Rodriguez Valbuena

Graduate Student
De Tomaso Lab

Kirstin Rollins

Graduate Student Researcher
Matthieu Louis Lab

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of sensory integration. Focusing on how the nervous system accumulates, processes, and filters sources of input.

Joel Rothman

Distinguished Professor
Wilcox Family Chair in Biotechnology
Director, Biomolecular Science and Engineering Program

3137 Biology II
Regulation of development and differentiation; regulation of programmed cell death and cell division; mechanisms of tumorigenesis.

Cyrus Safinya

Distinguished Professor

2204 MRL
Safinya’s research revolves around elucidation of structures and interactions in assemblies of biological molecules and soft matter systems, including, liquid crystalline biological matter.

Charles E. Samuel

Research Professor,
and C.A. Storke II Professor and Distinguished Professor, Emeritus

2119 Life Sciences
Antiviral innate immunity and interferon action, with focus on the roles of double-stranded RNA in translational control by the PKR kinase and A-to-I RNA editing by the ADAR1 deaminase.

Meg Schimmel

Graduate Student
Weimbs Lab

Duane Sears

Professor Emeritus

1113 Life Sciences
Fc receptors; immune mechanisms of natural killer cells and macrophages; research to improve undergraduate molecular biology education.

Elizabeth Sharpe

Graduate Student
Weimbs Lab

2203 Life Sciences

Julie H. Simpson

Associate Professor

3129 Biology II
Genetics, Neural Circuits, and Motor sequences.

Shambhavi Singh

Graduate Student
De Tomaso Lab

Matthew Smith

Graduate Student
Zach Ma Lab

William Smith


2137 Biology II
Developmental genetics and morphogenesis of the primitive chordate Ciona.

Ikuko Smith

Assistant Professor

5126 Biology II
Information processing by neural circuitry with a special focus on the role of active dendrites in nonlinear modes of synaptic integration.

Tanja Stoyan, Ph.D.

Director, Pharmacology & Biotechnology Program, Academic Coordinator / Lecturer

2316 Life Sciences
Coordinates and teaches laboratories for seniors (Pharmacology, Cell Biology, Immunology). Supervises MCDB teaching facility in LSB.

Ian Tayler

Graduate Student
Stowers Lab

Utilizing 3D cell cultures and microfluidics to investigate the mechanobiology of stem cell differentiation and cellular reprogramming.

Christine Tchounwou

Graduate Student
Safinya Lab

2240 MRL
My research interest currently involves understanding tau-microtubule interactions in neurons and their impact on neurodegenerative disease states.

James A. Thomson

Distinguished Professor

330 N. Orchard St., Madison, WI 53715
Studies the self-renewal and pluripotency of stem cells.

Doug Thrower

Senior Lecturer SOE

2318 Life Sciences

Thomas Turner

Associate Professor, EEMB

Carol Vandenberg

Research Professor
Professor Emeritus

4153 Bio 2
Cell biology of the nervous system and muscle; mechanisms of ion channel trafficking; function and regulation of potassium channels; neuronal cell polarity.

Rosa Vasquez

Academic Personnel Analyst

3324 Life Sciences
Manages academic personnel unit including merit and promotion cases, summer salaries, all academic hires, and faculty recruitments.

Eric Veal

Purchasing Manager

3326 Life Sciences
Manages the procurement operations and oversees purchasing, receiving, and equipment management.

Lucas Vincenzi

Graduate Student
Tony De Tomaso Lab

Using microinjection of CRISPR and mitochondrial markers in zebrafish as an in vivo model for mitochondrial dysfunction.

Herbert Waite

Distinguished Professor

3154 Marine Biotechnology
Structure-properties relationships in loadbearing marine biomolecular materials, e.g. from mussels, squid and whelks, at different length and time scales to design new materials.

Thomas Weimbs


2113 Life Sciences
Investigation of molecular mechanisms underlying polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and related renal diseases. Membrane trafficking and epithelial cell polarity.

Gary Wilcox

Adjunct Professor

Max Wilson

Assistant Professor

3127 Biology II
Combines tools from Biology, Engineering, and Physics to understand the cell’s perceptual field.

Leslie Wilson

Research Professor
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

1119 Life Sciences
Mechanism and regulation of microtubule polymerization and dynamics; mechanism of action of microtubule-targeted anticancer drugs and microtubule-regulatory proteins.

Mike Wilton

Assistant Teaching Professor

2119 Biology II
Instruction and mentorship of biology majors; research into how mentorship and improved course structure influence student academic success and retention in the major.

Nora Wolcott

Graduate Student
Goard Lab

Investigating the neural circuitry underlying spatial coding in mammalian hippocampus and the pathogenic factors that perturb this system.

Tsunghan Yeh

Graduate Student
Rothman Lab

2128 Biology II
My research focus is on cellular plasticity in ELT-7 mediated trans-differentiation in C. elegans.

Soojin Yi


4107 Life Science Building
An evolutionary biologist using genomic and epigenomic tools to study regulatory evolution.

Luke Zirretta

Graduate Student
Doyle Lab

My research is focused on characterizing a gene regulatory network controlling the development of certain neuron subtypes. I am also particularly interested in stem cell-derived neurons and the development of synapses.