Emeriti Faculty

John Carbon

Professor Emeritus

3123 Biology II

Louise Clarke

Professor Emeritus

3101 Biology II

James Cronshaw

Professor Emeritus

Diane Eardley

Professor Emeritus

2320 Life Sciences Building

Steven Fisher

Research Professor
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

6121 Biology II
Structure and function in the vertebrate retina with an emphasis on mechanisms underlying photoreceptor degeneration and the role of glial cells in normal and injured or diseased retina.

Kathleen Foltz

Professor Emeriti

3156 Marine Biotechnology
Our research mission is to understand the molecular basis of gamete recognition and the fine tuning of one time only cellular activation events.

David Kohl

Professor Emeritus

3326 Life Sciences Building

Philip Laris

Professor Emeritus

Nancy Lee

Professor Emeritus

Daniel E. Morse

Research Professor
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

3155 Marine Biotechnology
Bio-inspired catalytic nanofabrication, tunable photonic materials and dynamic self-assembly. Applications to semiconductors, high-power batteries, electro-optics, IR and solar energy.

Henry Nikada

Professor Emeritus

Eduardo Orias

Research Professor
Professor Emeritus

1123 Biology II
Tetrahymena genetics and genomics; genetic, physical and sequence mapping of the germline and expressed genomes of the unicellular eukaryote, Tetrahymena thermophila.

Stephen Poole

Professor Emeritus

3111 Life Sciences
Collaboration with the Low and Hayes labs on contact-dependent growth inhibition systems in bacteria.

Charles E. Samuel

Research Professor,
and C.A. Storke II Professor and Distinguished Professor, Emeritus

2119 Life Sciences
Antiviral innate immunity and interferon action, with focus on the roles of double-stranded RNA in translational control by the PKR kinase and A-to-I RNA editing by the ADAR1 deaminase.

Duane Sears

Professor Emeritus

1113 Life Sciences
Fc receptors; immune mechanisms of natural killer cells and macrophages; research to improve undergraduate molecular biology education.

Carol Vandenberg

Professor Emeritus

Cell biology of the nervous system and muscle; mechanisms of ion channel trafficking; function and regulation of potassium channels; neuronal cell polarity.

Leslie Wilson

Research Professor
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

1119 Life Sciences
Mechanism and regulation of microtubule polymerization and dynamics; mechanism of action of microtubule-targeted anticancer drugs and microtubule-regulatory proteins.