Taylor Abad

Lab Coordinator

2219 BSIF
Coordinates the Introductory Biology Program laboratory courses.

Juliana Acosta-Uribe

Project Scientist
Kosik Lab

I study genomics of neurodegenerative diseases in admixed populations.

Kurt Bellefeuille

Senior Storekeeper

1101 Building 569
Manages the receiving of all supplies and equipment for MCDB and EEMB.

Pedro Castellon

Undergraduate Advisor

3320 Life Sciences Building
Serves as Undergraduate Advisor, working with students and faculty in areas of undergraduate education.

Catherine Drake

Academic Coordinator

1118 BSIF
Assists the MCDB and EEMB departments with running Intro Bio lecture and laboratory courses.

Anthony Galaviz

Graduate Program Advisor

3314 Life Sciences
Manages the graduate program and oversees fellowships, TAships, readers, and ensures students are on the right path for graduation.

Sayward Halling

Academic Coordinator

2219A Biological Sciences Instructional Facility
Works cross-departmentally with MCDB and EEMB to oversee the administration of lecture and laboratory Intro Bio courses.

Christine Herman

Director of Finance

3302 Life Sciences
Manages the budget and finance operation including start ups, endowments, gifts and donations.

Andrew Kröes

Undergraduate Academic Advisor

3316 Life Sciences
Manages the undergraduate program and oversees student petitions, inquiries, and is the special programs counselor.

Winnie Leung

Contracts & Grants Manager

3304 Life Sciences
Manages contract and grant awards.

Tucker Lowell

Administrative Assistant

Duties - Seminar Program Coordinator, Concur management, ESCIs, Communications, Transportation, Travel and Entertainment.

Carman Ly

Lab Coordinator

2219 BSIF
Coordinates the Introductory Biology Program laboratory courses.

Alice Nguyen

Academic Coordinator for Intro Bio

4326 Life Sciences
Oversees the Introductory Biology Program, including both lecture and lab courses. Co-director of the Ocean Global Change Biology REU program.

Nikola Pavlov

Personnel Manager

3310 Life Sciences
Manages all non-academic staff payroll and hiring, graduate student researcher and postdoc payroll, timekeeping, benefits, and HR related issues.

Oscar Perez

Lab Manager

1118 Biological Sciences Instructional Facility
Manages the Introductory Biology Program laboratory courses.

Dylan Peterson

Upper Division Academic Coordinator

2130 Biology II
Prepares laboratory classes, supervises MCDB common use Bio 2 facilities.

Shannon Rivard

Interim Management Services Officer

Tanja Stoyan, Ph.D.

Director, Pharmacology & Biotechnology Program, Academic Coordinator / Lecturer

2316 Life Sciences
Coordinates and teaches laboratories for seniors (Pharmacology, Cell Biology, Immunology). Supervises MCDB teaching facility in LSB.

Rosa Vasquez

Academic Personnel Analyst

3324 Life Sciences
Manages academic personnel unit including merit and promotion cases, summer salaries, all academic hires, and faculty recruitments.

Eric Veal

Purchasing Manager

3326 Life Sciences
Manages the procurement operations and oversees purchasing, receiving, and equipment management.