Denise Montell

Denise Montell Elected Vice President 2019 and President 2020 of the Genetics Society of America

Dec 5, 2018

Robert and Patricia Duggan Professor, Distinguished Professor, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara

Denise Montell’s research aims to uncover the fundamental mechanisms that control how cells build and maintain normal adult tissues so these mechanisms can be harnessed for the benefit of human health. She welcomes the chance to work with the GSA in navigating the current period of exceptional opportunity for genetics. She hopes GSA will foster the dynamic expansion of genetics to new organisms, while ensuring that the classic model organism and human genetics communities continue to expand and thrive. She also welcomes the chance to work with the GSA to inspire our members to provide opportunities for diverse young people to experience the thrill of discovery in genetics.

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