MCDB Doctor of Philosophy Degree

Foundation Building

The MCDB PhD program is designed to provide a solid intellectual foundation that prepares students for pursuing the PhD and for a variety of careers. A rigorous core course series in year 1 includes a Proposal Writing course. The core is complemented by a paired journal club and seminar speaker series that exposes students to a breadth of literature and approaches across the sub disciplines and provides the opportunity for meetings with visiting researchers.

Please see the MCDB Graduate Student Guide for more details.

Lab Rotations

During the first year, PhD students conduct three, 10-week research rotations in MCDB laboratories. Students submit rotation requests prior to the start of each quarter and rotation assignments are made by the Graduate Committee. A Departmental Research Retreat just prior to the Fall Quarter introduces incoming students to the available rotation laboratories. First year students are encouraged to consult with faculty about rotation options.

Course Requirements

Seminar Courses for Graduate Students

MCDB students are required to enroll each quarter for the mandatory department seminars:

Course Number Course Name Quarter Units
MCDB 260 Research Seminar Fall / Winter / Spring 1
MCDB 262 Friday Noon Seminar Fall / Winter / Spring 1
MCDB 263 Research Seminar Fall / Winter / Spring 1
MCDB-CORE Graduate Curriculum
Course Number Course Name Quarter Units
BMSE 205A Biochemical Techniques Fall 1
MCDB 229 Protein Biochemistry Fall 2
MCDB 235 Experimental Strategies in Molecular Genetics Fall 1
MCDB 220A Chromosomes and Cell Cycle Winter 2
MCDB 220B The Cytoskeleton Winter 2
MMCDB 220C From RNA to Membranes Winter 2
MCDB 230 Gene Regulation Winter 2
MCDB 221 Prep & Eval of Research Proposals (Required for PhD only) Spring 2
MCDB 223 Signal Transduction Spring 2
MCDB 225 Development Spring 2

Additional Courses

PhD students are required to enroll in two journal clubs per year until advancement to candidacy.

PhD students must take one elective course; this course may be selected from the pre approved list in the Graduate Student Handbook (MCDB Graduate Resources). Petitions to count courses not on this list can be submitted to the Graduate Committee for review and approval.

Teaching Assistant Courses

All PhD students must qualify for and hold a teaching assistantship for the equivalent of two quarters in order to obtain teaching experience. To qualify, students must complete the following courses, which are generally taken in year 1.

Course Number Course Name Quarter Year Units
MCDB 500 Campus Orientation Fall 1 1
MCDB 501 Practicum in Instruction N/A N/A 1-4
MCDB 502 Teaching Techniques Fall 1 1