Storke Sunrise. Credit: Eric Isaacs

We are excited for you to start a brand new chapter in your life at UCSB. We are truly proud of your personal and academic achievements that led you to our campus. We are here to support you through your academic success wherever you are on and off campus. We value the many perspectives you bring and are committed to increasing diversity in the life sciences.

 Messages from Advisors and Grad Mentors

  • Andrew Kröes & Pedro Castellon (Undergraduate Advisors)
  • Stephanie Khairallah and Caroline Ackley (GBMA)


  • Mary Malkic (MCDB11 mentor)
  • Nick Keefer (MCDB11 mentor)
  • Chun Hei Ip
  • Crystal Alcala
  • Havalin Nyivih
  • Isaac Poonen Honing
  • Katelyn Moye
  • Luis Larios


  • Doug Thrower
  • Eduardo Gonzalez
  • Ikuko Smith
  • Julie Simpson
  • Kathy Foltz
  • Kathy Foltz 1
  • Matthieu Louis
  • Max Wilson
  • Meghan Morrissey
  • Mike Wilton
  • Rolf Christoffersen
  • Ruth Finkelstein
  • Stu Feinstein
  • Sung Soo Kim