Technical Support

The Life Sciences Computing Group (LSCG) provides a full suite of user support services. Hardware and software troubleshooting, problem resolution, user education and finding solutions for specific needs are performed every day. Supported platforms include Windows, OS X and Linux and, with over 800 systems on the network, LSCG techs have a tremendous amount of experience. The focus of LSCG techs is on helping users to do their jobs and they take pride in being the facilitators of solutions.


The Life Sciences Computing Group provides and supports network connectivity for the EEMB, MCDB, NRI and Psychology departments. The connections provided in offices and laboratory space are generally wired, gigabit Ethernet. In addition, wired and wireless networking is available in conference rooms.

Access to the Life Sciences Network is contingent on compliance with the departments' network security and acceptable-use policies.

Web Development

LSCG provides web services to the life sciences departments, academic programs, institutes, research centers, faculty labs and administrative organizations. We provide web development services to the UCSB campus on a recharge basis.