Domestic or foreign travel, complete, obtain appropriate approval signature and return the form with original receipts*. There are no per diem rates on meals for domestic travel. Please record your actual expenditures (itemized receipts) on the Travel Reimbursement Request. Visitor Data Sheets are required in order to reimburse all non-UC employees and seminar speakers.

*Receipts for all expenses for which you seek reimbursement are required including, but not limited to:

  • Airline Passenger Receipts**
  • Rental car receipts, rail ticket stubs, bus tickets
  • Local transportation receipts
  • Receipts for miscellaneous expenses (supplies)
  • Hotel receipts (must be itemized to show nightly rates, applicable taxes, etc.)
  • Conference Registration Receipts

**U.S. Flag Carriers must be used for travel on federal funds.