Entertainment Reimbursements

For all on the job meals, coffee and snacks for labs, and other work related entertainment expenses please fill out an Entertainment Reimbursement Form and deliver it to Jen Duncan.

Miscellaneous Reimbursements

The ability to purchase items is essential for the conduct of your research. You may purchase research/laboratory supplies and equipment from both on-campus and off-campus sources. It will be important for you to know information regarding your research project's funding before you place orders. You will be assigned account codes assigned to the project (grant, contract, etc.) on which you are working. Please do not share these codes with other people. All expenditures over $500 must be authorized in writing by the principal investigator on your research project.

Please include itemized receipts for all Entertainment and Miscellaneous Reimbursements (online orders require delivery conformations and itemized receipts). For any missing receipts or delivery conformations please fill in a Declaration of Missing Evidence Form and provide as much evidence of purchase as possible.