Misty Riddle

MCDB Graduate Student, Named Lancaster Dissertation Award Recipient

May 21, 2013

The UCSB Graduate Division has named MCDB PhD graduate student Misty Riddle as the recipient of the 2013 Lancaster Dissertation Award in the field of Biological and Life Sciences. This award recognizes the best PhD thesis in a given discipline. She will be presented with the award at the upcoming Graduation Ceremony. Misty will also be UCSB’s entrant in the national competition sponsored by the Council of Graduate Schools.

Misty is completing her PhD work in the laboratory of Professor Joel Rothman, where she has investigated the ability of cells and entire organs to transdifferentiate. Her work has implications not only for the understanding of fundamental developmental biology principals, but also for applied stem cell and cancer biology. Misty will presented her thesis seminar, entitled "Forced in vivo Transdifferentiation and Remodeling of Differentiated Cells and Organs in the Nematode C. elegans" on May 15th.