Graduate Student Appreciation, Ice Cream Social and ReceptionGraduate Student Appreciation

MCDB and BMSE Graduate Students Recipients of Fellowships

May 21, 2013

The MCDB and BMSE Graduate Programs honored students in the two programs during UCSB’s Graduate Student Appreciation week with an Ice Cream Social and Reception.

Graduate students who received Fellowships in the past academic year were recognized. Among these were National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship recipients Patrick Keeley and Julia Willett in MCDB along with Jessica Kubicek-Southerland and Andrea Jani in BMSE. Anna Simon (BMSE) received the Partnership in International Research and Education in Electron Chemistry and Catalysis at Interfaces Fellowship. Three MCDB students – Irene Whitney, Jacob Torres and Julianna Erickson – received Continuing Student Fellowships from the Graduate Division.

MCDB graduate students winning Chang Fellowship prizes for Best Talks in the Friday Noon Seminar Series were Andrea Jani, Patrick Keeley, Matthew Menyo and Anna Simon. Chang Fellowship prizes for Best Posters at the MCDB Symposium went to Sarah Abdul-Wajid, Israel Hernandez, Roxanne Croze, and Misty Riddle.