Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology Outreach Programs

Sep 28, 2012

The Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Department is committed to improving science literacy and inspiring the next generation of scientists. By creating alliances with local educators and the community, we are working to enhance the science knowledge base and awareness in the schools and to inform the community about the exciting biology research occurring here at UCSB and throughout the scientific community. These outreach activities also involves students at the university and allows them to gain experience in a biology teaching environment.

It’s a Small World

Our first endeavor is the launch of our new program for elementary age students. “It’s a Small World” provides elementary level students the opportunity to view the microscopic world by bringing microscopes to school-sponsored science nights. This program provides a hands-on opportunity for local students to be introduced to model organisms that have been involved in Nobel Prize-winning research. For many students this is their first glance at the microscopic world and the rich and beautiful structure visible only at that level.


Our one-hour program “MCDB CSIS” is designed as a hands-on introduction to biologically based forensic science for 5th through 9th grade students. We present the students with a fictional crime scene and allow them to determine the culprit by analyzing the chemical and biological evidence. This activity both introduces students to a variety of scientific techniques and encourages them to think systematically and logically through a problem.