Two New Awards Promote Partnership Between MCDB and the Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics To Create the Santa Barbara Advanced School of Quantitative Biology

May 29, 2012

Imagine being able to mathematically compute the entire process by which an embryo develops into an animal. Such a capability holds enormous promise for medicine, pointing to the potential for determining when and where development can go awry, and paving the way to possible solutions.

Such are long-term goals of theoretical physicist Boris Shraiman of the Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics, and experimental biologist Joel Rothman of the Dept. of MCDB, who have teamed up to create a new interdisciplinary advanced summer course, the Santa Barbara Advanced School for Quantitative Biology (SBASQB). New grant awards from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Burroughs Wellcome Fund will provide $1 million in support for the SBASQB, which will bring together physical scientists, engineers, and biologists in a highly interdisciplinary advanced course co-directed by Profs. Shraiman and Rothman.

Set to welcome its first class in summer 2013, SBASQB aspires to enhance both physics and biology by unifying their practitioners in intensive summer study. Side-by-side in lectures and the lab, advanced students attracted to Santa Barbara from around the world will be comprised of doctoral candidates, postdocs, and faculty from other institutions, who will explore a range of subjects including morphogenesis, embryology, microbial biology, and evolution, under the guidance of international faculty and postdocs from the physical sciences and biology.

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