MCDB Establishes Interdisciplinary Emphasis in Pharmacology and Biotechnology within the M.A. Degree

Jul 18, 2011

MCDB is proud to announce the establishment of an Emphasis in Pharmacology and Biotechnology within the M.A. degree. The proposal for the new degree was approved last week by the Graduate Council and Letters and Science Executive Committee. The new interdisciplinary Master's Emphasis is designed to take advantage of the many interdisciplinary opportunities in the fields of pharmacology and biotechnology on the UCSB campus. Students have the option of enrolling in a wide variety of courses offered through three UCSB departments, MCDB, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Psychology. Additional summer internships in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, or a thesis projects in an academic setting give students an opportunity to gain experience in the field. Dr. Tanja Stoyan has been appointed as Director of Industry Internships and Relations and will be developing an Industry Internship program within MCDB.