Ma Lab Finds Surprising New Role for Gene Regulator

Aug 4, 2009

New work from the laboratory of MCDB Professor Zach Ma has found an unsuspected role for a protein previously known to be a nuclear protein that modifies gene expression. The protein, mDpy-30, is a component of histone lysine methyltransferase complexes that modify chromatin structure and increase or decrease expression of genes. The Ma lab found that mDpy-30 is located not only in the nucleus of cells but also is found in the trans-Golgi network. When the Ma lab researchers knocked down the expression of mDpy-30, they found that trafficking of late endosomes from the cell membrane to the Golgi was disrupted, leading to an accumulation of late endosomes at protrusions near the cell membrane, and suggesting that mDby-30 may have a role in controlling cell adhesion and migration

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