Teaching Assistantships

Procedural Information

PhD students are required to TA a minimum of two quarters as part of their professional development.

PhD students have priority on TA assignments, but Masters students generally have little trouble securing a TAship. Students from other programs can apply to TA MCDB courses. As noted elsewhere, students should consult often with their faculty advisers regarding support. If a TAship is needed, the student must request this well in advance of the quarter it is needed. Typically, the MCDB Staff Graduate Adviser sends out a call for TAships at the end of the academic year to initiate planning for the following year.  The Graduate Advisor sends out a call and tries to match faculty course needs with students available. Once offers are sent out, students must sign the hiring paperwork before their Fee remission will be processed.

Graduate students from other programs (except for BMSE and EEMB) who are interested in applying for a TA appointment with the Department of Molecular. Cellular and Developmental Biology for the 2016-2017 academic year, must submit an application, CV/Resume, and unofficial transcripts to the program's Staff Graduate Advisor mcdb-gradadv@lifesci.ucsb.edu by August 22.

Although students are encouraged to consult with faculty course instructors about TAships, the Graduate Committee makes the final TA assignments in order to ensure that the curricular needs are met. 


Must be an active registered student in good standing.

Support Coverage

Any TAship at least 25% will earn partial Fee Remission. This will cover Tuition, Student Service Fee, and GSHIP (health insurance). The student is responsible for the remaining balance unless it is being covered by Block Grant or NSF or other such support. Additionally, the TA will earn a monthly salary based on their appointment (see side bar for current rates).

Types of TAships

In MCDB TAships usually involve teaching discussion sections associated with lecture courses (3 sections for a 50% TAship) or teaching a laboratory course (the number of sections and specific duties vary). TAs should discuss the duties with the course instructors. Readerships are also available; these are paid on an hourly basis and generally involve only grading duties.