Fellowships / Grants

Fellowship support provided to outstanding graduate students is made possible by the following generous gifts and endowments: the George & Joy Rathmann Fellowship, the Amgen Fellowships, the Wilcox Fellowship, the Carbon/Clarke Fellowships, the Holmok, Otto J. Cancer Research Fellowship, the Chang Fellowship, the Charles A. Storke II Fellowships, the Jean Devlin Fellowship, the Yzurdiaga Fellowship, the Altman Fellowship and the Doreen J. Putrah Cancer Research Foundation Conference Fellowships. Qualified incoming students also are nominated for centrally administered UCSB Graduate Division recruitment fellowships such as the Chancellor's Fellowships, Regents Special Fellowships, Eugene Cota Robles Fellowship, Graduate Opportunity Fellowships, and Doctoral Scholar Fellowship. Continuing students are eligible for UCSB fellowships that include the Dean’s Fellowship, Graduate Opportunity Fellowship, and Dissertation Fellowships.

Minority applicants may qualify for a fellowship in the Bridge to the Doctorate Program.

Many MCDB students may also be eligible for extramural predoctoral fellowships from the National Science Foundation, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, CIRM, and other agencies.

Graduate students will receive informational emails regarding eligibility and application procedures in advance of upcoming deadlines.