Graduate Courses

Code Titlesort descending Quarter Units
MCDB 238 Angiogenesis in Health and Disease Winter 2
MCDB 232 Bacterial Pathogenesis Winter 3
MCDB 232L Bacterial Pathogenesis Laboratory Winter 3
MCDB 226A Basic Pharmacology Fall 4
MCDB 226B Basic Pharmacology: Molecular Pharmacology Winter 4
MCDB 226C Basic Pharmacology: Principles and Chemotherapy Spring 4
MCDB 208AL Biochemistry Computer Laboratory Fall 2
MCDB 203 Cell Biology Winter 4
MCDB 293 Computational Methods in Biochemistry-Molecular Biology Winter 1
MCDB 220D Experimental Cytology and Digital Imaging Spring 4
MCDB 231 General Microbiology Fall 4
MCDB 233 Molecular and Cellular Immunobiology Winter 3
MCDB 212 Molecular Virology Spring 5
MCDB 251 Neurobiology I. Cellular Organization and Biophysics of the Nervous System Fall 4
MCDB 252 Neurobiology II. Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology Winter 4
MCDB 253 Neurobiology III. Developmental Neurobiology Spring 4
MCDB 226AL Pharmacology Laboratory I Fall 4
MCDB 226BL Pharmacology Laboratory II Winter 4
MCDB 245 Post-translational Protein Processing Spring 4
MCDB 247 Social Dimensions of Stem Cell Research Spring 4
MCDB 246 Stem Cell Biology in Health and Disease Spring 4
Code Titlesort descending Quarter Units
BMSE 205A Biochemical Techniques Fall 1
MCDB 220A Chromosomes and Cell Cycle Winter 2
MCDB 225 Development Spring 2
MCDB 235 Experimental Strategies in Molecular Genetics Fall 1
MCDB 220C From RNA to Membranes Winter 2
MCDB 230 Gene Regulation Winter 2
MCDB 221 Prep & Eval of Research Proposals (Required for Ph.D. only) Spring 2
MCDB 229 Protein Biochemistry Fall 2
MCDB 223 Signal Transduction Spring 2
MCDB 220B The Cytoskeleton Winter 2