M.A. Emphasis in Pharmacology and Biotechnology

I. Plan 2 Exam (36 units)

The curriculum for the M.A. Plan 2 Emphasis in Pharmacology and Biotechnology requires 36 units total, distributed as outlined below: MCDB core courses (16 units), elective courses (14-15 units), research internship (4 units), and literature course (1-2 units).

1) Core Courses

MCDB 220A-B-C, 223, 225, 229, 230, 235, and BMSE 205A (16 units)

2) Additional Units of Graduate Courses from Among the Following

Students take at least 8 units of electives in one of the tracks, and the remainder of the electives may be taken from among any of the tracks. The intention is to keep the choice of electives as flexible as possible and to allow students to explore different areas of pharmacology. Students who have not previously completed 8 units from the courses MCDB 126A-B-C-AL-BL are required to include at least 8 units from MCDB 226A-B-C-AL-BL in their electives. (14-15 units)

Track 1: Molecular and Cellular Biology

This track is designed to provide students with a background in cell biology and immunology that will equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to identify potential drug targets and to develop antibody-based therapeutics. Recommended courses for this track include: MCDB 203, 208AL, 222, 226A-B-C, 226AL-BL, 233, 245, 246, 247, 251, 252, 253, 293

Track 2: Chemistry and Biochemistry

The Chemistry and Biochemistry specialization will expose students to the biochemistry of living systems, enabling them to validate drug targets and understand issues relating to drug delivery. Recommended courses for the Chemistry and Biochemistry track include: BMSE 201A-B, 203, 204, 205A-B, 207, 250, 251, 252, 253, CHEM 241, 243, 245, 246, 261, 262A-B

Track 3: Neurobiology and Behavior

The neurobiology track is focused on providing students with an understanding of neural processes at both the cellular and organismal level. Completion of electives within this area will enable students to design experiments to characterize the action of pharmaceutical agents that alter neural activity and behavior. MCDB 251, 252, 253. PSY 215, 219, 221A-B, 231, 235, 268, 269

3) Internship

Internship in an industry or academic laboratory will give students an opportunity to gain research experience in an industry setting. The internship is expected to last for a minimum of 10-12 weeks, and is expected to be an independent research project under the supervision of an experienced researcher at the company or academic laboratory. A report by the student is due at the end of the term, describing the research project, and the outcome. The results of the project also should be communicated with a poster and/or PowerPoint presentation under the supervision of a graduate review committee. A short evaluation of the student’s performance by his/her supervisor is to be included in the student’s report. (4 units of MCDB 596)

4) Graduate literature course(s)

At least one literature class (1-2 units)

II. Plan 1 Thesis (30 units)

The numbers listed above coincide with the numbers below.

  1. Core courses (16 units): same as Plan 2 program
  2. Elective courses (7-13 units): same as Plan 2 except that students are required to take a minimum of 7 units from among the tracks
  3. Thesis research (up to 6 units MCDB 596 may be counted towards the degree)
  4. Graduate literature course: (1 unit)